2,100 Litre Under Deck Rainwater Tank

Introducing the Bushmans Under Deck Rainwater Tank.

The Bushmans Underdeck Water Tank is an ideal solution when you require efficient water storage but need to install a tank in an area where there is limited height. This allows you to effectively store the maximum amount of water whilst not sacrificing any space on their deck. The rectangular shape of the tank allows it to fit into tight spaces or in situations where there is little to no room available for multiple tanks to be placed beside each other to store your precious rainwater.

Why waste the valuable space underneath your house, building or deck when you could install a Bushmans Under Deck Rainwater Tank.

This tank has been designed with the intention of residential use in mind. However, this underdeck tank can also be used in agricultural and commercial applications. Although the colour of this water tank may not be of a large concern to you as it will be nestled securely under your deck, you still have a choice of 12 COLORBOND® colours to suit the aesthetic choices you may have.

By installing this under deck rainwater tank, you are allowing your home to be able to harvest nature's most valuable resource, water. You can use this water for many uses around the home. From watering your gardens, washing your car and even plumping into your mains water as a potable water source. All Bushmans tanks for made from food-grade polyethylene and are safe to use for drinking water.

Bushmans Tanks come with a 10 year guarantee. This give you the peace of mind in knowing that this tank will effectively service your water storage needs for years to come.

To find out more about this exciting new water tank offering, request a quote or give us a call on 1800 287 462.

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