16,109 Litre Cup and Saucer Tank

When a larger supply of water is needed in remote locations then the Bushmans 16,109 litre cup and saucer tank and trough is the solution.

The 16,109 litre cup and saucer is best where there is a need to store larger volumes of water for livestock and to have a simple all in one tank and trough system. The cup and saucer tank and trough is also superior where there is a need to have water available even when there is no power or wind to fill the trough.

The availability of water in remote parts of the farm or station allows stock to take advantage of pasture that may not normally be available to them. Sheep will generally walk up to 2.5km of water and cattle up to 10km but these long walking distances will have a negative effect on the speed of weight gain and hence productivity.

When there are larger number of stock coming for water the cup and saucer design allows fast fill of the trough reducing the risk of injury when there are large numbers of cattle trying to water at a similar time.

When there are situations where water has to be carted the cup and saucer combination is a one stop solution for the farmer. To get more information on the large cup and saucer tank and trough call Bushmans on 1800 287 462 or talk to the local Bushmans stockist.