1,000 Litre Slimline Rainwater Tank

Compact and offering a slightly larger capacity, this 1,000L slimline rainwater tank has all the benefits of our slimline range while also allowing for a larger amount of water to be captured.

This tank is ideal for suburban homes which might have limited space. For example; in rural towns and areas in or around Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide.

If you are considering a water tank for your home & garden but feel overwhelmed by all of the information that is out there, please contact your local Bushmans representative on 1800 008 888. Our experts will be able to ask questions specific to your needs and will be able to determine what the most suitable tank would be for you.

At Bushmans we are very proud of our customer service and have received lots of wonderful feedback – when you are happy we are happy.

“Ronnie and Greg were fantastic. We can’t say enough good things about them, so helpful. Nothing was too much trouble and they knew their stuff. Very professional and friendly – will definitely not only buy from you again but will highly recommend you!” - Karen, Bororen, QLD

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