10 Tap Pressure 105L/Min Pump

The BIA-BHM5-4MPCX is a 10 tap pump that is suitable for medium to large homes and other urban applications. The pump comes with a 1.3 horse power/240 volt/1kw motor, with a maximum head of 38 metres and maximum flow of 137 litres per minute. The pump comes with a 1 1/4" BSPF inlet and 1" BSPM outlet and a controller.

The pump is quiet and provides reliable water from tanks located next to the house or from sheds and other buildings that are located away from the house. The pressure controller starts the pump every time a tap is turned on which ensures there is constant pressure maintained whilst the water is delivered. There is a dry run protection switch which will turn the pump off automatically if there is no water available to pump.

The applications of the pump can be for household use, use around the garden, washing outdoor areas or for activities around the shed. The placement of the water pump is important as the pump needs to be protected from the outside weather conditions by either placing the pump indoors or installing it in a pump cover.

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