Thinking of Tankworld

Have You Thought of a Bushmans Tank?

We expect that you are visiting this website because you are looking at installing a new tank and that you were looking at a Tankworld tank. We invite you to consider a Bushmans tank as part of your research on buying a new tank.

We are pleased to see that you are researching rainwater tanks and we are believe that by looking at other brands such as Tankworld you will be able to make a more informed decision.

At Bushmans Tanks, we have designed our tanks to suite most applications. They are proven in the field for over 30 years, provide value and are competitively priced. Purchasing a new water tank is a important investment and we believe it is wise that you compare us with other manufacturers such as Tankworld.

Please look over this website to gain a better understanding of our tanks and accessories. If you need any further information Telephone us on 1800 287 462 and speak to one of our professional staff.

Why Bushmans Tanks

  • Bushmans manufacture our tanks with our own Sunsmart┬« raw material. This technology provides exceptional protection from the sun, as well as tanks that last longer.
    • Manufactured from food-grade polyethylene resulting in safe and fresh-tasting water.
    • Made in one piece with a no-cut roof (resulting in the best defence against mosquitoes, algae and vermin)
  • Strong ribs, stronger side walls, less deflection when empty
  • Graduated wall thickness, better strength at the bottom to carry the full water weight
  • Fully computer aided engineered design, provides strength and aesthetics
  • Available in a wide range of colours and has a comprehensive guarantee
  • Delivered to your site (free delivery to our free delivery zones). Overflows and outlets are fitted on site to allowing them to be place where you want them.

We would be pleased to provide any further information and welcome a call on 1800 287 462 or you can simply fill out the enquiry form on this Page.

Bushmans are trading!
Additional safety and hygiene measures have been implemented.