Rural applications

Bushmans rain water tanks and water storage tanks can be used in a wide number of applications on the farm.

This includes:

  • Capture and storage of rain water around the house and sheds
  • Becoming an integral part of the stock water reticulation system.
  • Bore Schemes when capped need to have water stored to ensure a constant supply of water.
  • Facilities such as horse stables have a specific need for clean water.
  • Intensive farming activities such as piggeries and poultry operations have a critical requirement for both cooling and drinking water.

You can choose a Bushmans tank up to 46,400 litres (10 200 gallons) to provide water storage solutions for your needs. You can’t make it rain, but you can store it when it does and nobody saves Australia’s water like Bushmans.

Bushmans original range of tanks gives you access to the most cost-efficient rain water storage products available. Made in one piece from UV stabilised polyethylene, Bushmans tanks give you proven long term performance you can rely on. Sizes range from 720 litres to 46,400 litres.

Bushmans are one of the few plastic tank manufacturers in Australia that have had over 30 years experience in making large tanks in excess of 20,000 litres. So when it comes to rain water storage, Bushmans has proven experience with both small and large storage tanks operating in Australia’s tough conditions. You can rely on Bushmans to save Australia’s water.

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