Bushmans collects information that is personal as described under the privacy legislation and we comply with the Australian Privacy Principles.

When we collect this information we are required to notify you and provide the following information;

  1. Contact Details: Bushmans Group Pty Limited Suite 2, Level 10, 70 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000. Postal: GPO Box 4218, Sydney NSW 2001. Telephone: 02 8224 5800 Email:
  2. Bushmans collects personal information so as to provide our customers with products and services, our prospects with information about our products and services and occasionally we will provide our prospects and customers  with news, information and special offers.
  3. If Bushmans does not collect personal information we may not be able to deliver products and services or be able to take payment for products or services or to be able to provide detailed information about our products or services.
  4. Bushmans generally keeps all personal information inside the business and this information is secured both physically and electronically. There maybe times that information is held by outside service providers then our contracts with them will bound them to the Australian Privacy Principles.
  5. Bushmans are committed to maintaining and protecting privacy but it is possible that in limited circumstances, mistakes might be made. If a customer or prospect is concerned with the way personal information has been handled, they are entitled to make a complaint. To make a complaint, please the customer or prospect can contact us in writing at our head office:  GPO Box 4218, Sydney, NSW 2001 or telephone 02 8224 5800.

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