Global AdBlue® Shortage

The world is currently facing a significant shortage in an important chemical compound that’s used in an array of industries. Urea is the chemical in question and its shortage is affecting supply chains and prices across Australia right now. Urea is the key ingredient found in the diesel exhaust fluid AdBlue® and is also a large component in nitrogen fertiliser. The shortage of this compound is having vast impacts on Australian businesses, particularly in the transport and agricultural sector.

There is a slew of factors that have contributed the global shortage, but the main reason for the shortage stems to China’s recent export ban of the product. Previously China supplied 80% of Australia’s urea supplies. Global fertiliser prices have been soaring recently which led China to halt exports of urea until June 2022 to ensure their local farmers have enough supply. Many other countries have followed suit.

As outlined earlier, the transport sector is being particularly hard hit by this shortage. Urea shortages disrupt the availability of a key exhaust fluid used in diesel engines – AdBlue®. The majority of AdBlue® is imported from overseas and with ongoing shipping and transport issues stemming from COVID, Australia is exposed to a ‘perfect storm’ of market and supply conditions that has led to a massive shortage of AdBlue® in the country.

This recent shortage has exposed a lot of issues for Australian supply chains and the way we rely on a constant stream of imports of essential goods. When something goes wrong in international supply chains, we are often left guessing how could this have been mitigated?

One solution may be simpler than you think! Store and dispense your own AdBlue® self-sufficiently in bulk. This can allow you and your business to have a degree of protection against supply disruptions.

Bushmans have a range of AdBlue® storage and dispensing tanks for this exact purpose. They allow businesses to take control of their AdBlue® supply and ensure that interruptions are avoided. Secure your own supply of AdBlue® with Bushmans Blue Station AdBlue® dispensing tanks. These industrial strength tanks come in sizes from 1,500L to 30,000L.


Don’t let supply chain disruptions interrupt your business – store and dispense your own AdBlue® with Bushmans Industrial Solutions.

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