• Capacity: 15000 L
  • Inlet Height: 2.20 m
  • Diameter: 3.08 m
  • Total Height: 2.48
  • State Available: VIC

Available Colours

Note – The colours shown on screen represent the actual colour as accurately as possible however they will vary depending on web browser, screen and printer type.

With Poly Tanks and Poly Products capacities and measurements are tested in accordance with AS4766, but may vary due to the roto-moulding process. Dimensions in metres are rounded to the nearest centimetre.

Subtract 100mm from pump cover dimensions when estimating internal measurements.

When estimating space requirements for siting your tank, Bushmans recommends a minimum clearance of 100mm at top and sides for Poly Tanks and 1m for Aqualine Tanks. Read less

Note – The colours shown on screen represent the actual colour as accurately as possible…..Read more

15,000 Litre Domed and Pole Less Water tank

Bushmans recognize that some properties need a larger tank than others. Introducing the TXD3300 – a round, pole less tank with a domed roof holds 15,000 litres of rainwater. The TXD3300 is brilliant addition to larger town blocks, hobby farms and larger rural properties.

There are a multitude of benefits and reasons for installing a rainwater tank on your property; rainwater harvesting and grey water use. For grey water use, simply connect the tank to the house mains in order to access the grey water for use in toilets and washing machine. Consult your Local Council for specific regulations.

The TXD3300 is a large capacity tank, perfect for water storage on the farm, or where large quantities of water is needed.

Adding a water tank to your property will add value to your home and most importantly it will allow to you help save Australia’s water. For more information about this tank, or any of our products, please contact your local Bushmans representative by calling 1800 287 462 or sending your enquiry now.