Over the last 27 years, many people have asked us many questions – here are some of the more commonly asked questions:

Why would I buy a rainwater tank?

Australia is the driest inhabited continent in the world, therefore water conservation is, and will continue to be a major issue in our country. Collecting and storing rain water is a very efficient and cost effective way to re-use water around the house, farm or commercial site.

If you are not connected to mains water then rainwater is a great way to provide clean water. If you are connected to mains water, a tank gives you the freedom to use your water when and how you choose.

Worried that a water tank will affect the look of your home, farm or site? Well you needn’t as Bushman tanks come in an extensive range of shapes and colours to blend into their surroundings. As well as merging into the background, they also add value to your home should you wish to sell.

In addition, some states offer rebates for installing a rainwater tank. Check if you are eligible here.

View Bushmans rainwater tank range here.

What size tank do I need?

This will depend on a few different factors including:

What you intend to use the water for

This will vary significantly from customer to customer. Household customers may intend to use the rain water to fill their pools and water their gardens while agricultural customers may use the tanks to store large amounts of stock water for the farm – resulting in very different tank solutions.

How much rainwater can your roof/hard surface capture?

Once you know the square meter measurement of your roof/hard surface and the approx. level of rainfall annually (see rainfall charts), you can use the Bushmans Calculator to determine the amount of rainwater your roof can collect and therefore what tank size would best suit your needs.

Browse our water tank range.

What do I need to do before the tank arrives?

We have put together a step by step guide to installing your tank. There are two types of delivery; on-site delivery and a roll-off delivery. On site is where you have followed the guidelines and the site is prepared for a safe installation by our drivers.

If the site is not prepared or it is unsafe for our drivers to fit the tank, then a roll-off delivery will take place, so the tank can be installed at a later date.

Please read our step by step installation guidelines.

Does the tank come with accessories and fittings?

All tanks come with a ball valve, overflow and leaf strainer as standard.

The experts at Bushmans will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and advise on any additional accessories that you may need for your tanks.

View our full list of accessories.

Do I need state or local government approval to install a rainwater tank?

Most state and local governments support the saving of water and the installation of tanks. The requirement for government approval varies between local government areas and you need to consult with your local government authority for approval processes.

You can find your local Government contact details here:

Can I drink water from my rain water tank?

Bushmans tanks are made of plastic approved to hold drinking water (AS4020), however local governments and water authorities may not recommend or allow the use of rainwater for drinking, cooking and personal washing where there is reticulated water available. If this is the case there are filtering and water treatment systems which will allow you to use rainwater for human consumption. Please consult your local council or water authority.

When can I use water from my rain water tank?

The rainwater you catch is your water and you are able to use this for any purpose you wish, whenever you like. If your water tank system is connected to the mains water system then there are some restrictions. Please consult your local authority for more information.

Do I need a pump?

It is recommended to use a pump so your tank water has the same pressure as mains water. Follow us on Facebook and keep up to date with our monthly competitions. For June we are giving away a brand new 4 tap pump to one lucky customer. We will even deliver it directly to your door.

Do I need to cover my pump and protect it from the weather?

Most quality pump manufacturers recommend that you protect your pump from the elements to extend the working life of your pump. At Bushmans,we also sell pump covers.

A pump cover also reduces noise and can reduce problems with your water system through improved reliability

What is the guarantee on my rainwater tank?

Bushmans offer a 10 year guarantee on its range of rainwater tanks. See the Guarantee section to read our full guarantee.

What type of flexible hose connection do you recommend to ensure my guarantee is validated?

Bushmans can supply an approved flexible hose along with connections, at an additional cost, when you purchase your tank. Please check with your local sales office.

Do I need to have my tank and systems maintained?

It is recommended you maintain your tank and system by regularly cleaning it of debris and pests. See our information page for steps on how to maintain your tank.

Does Bushmans' tanks contain Bisphenol A (commonly known as BPA)

The raw material in Bushmans’ tanks do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA) and our products are made from raw materials that are certified to the potable water standard AS4020 and plastics and food standard AS2070. See our information page for steps on how to maintain your tank.


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