Take advantage of our latest specials on a range of water tanks for your home or rural property.

1 December 2018 to 28 February 2019

Get a cool Esky with your next rain water tank purchase

We are at the start of what is forecast to be a hot and long summer. So, now is the time to review your water storage needs. Your beverages are looked after in our cool cooler bag and ready to be served – chilled!


Bushmans is welcoming this summer with a great promotion for those chillaxing moments on the beach or at the BBQ.

You will get a cool Esky when you buy a rain water tank during the promotional period – 1 December 2018 to 28 February 2019*.
To be eligible to receive the cooler bag you need to buy one of the following tanks. These tanks are also on special.

10,000 Litres TT2300 QLD, VIC, SA
10,000 Litres TXD2300 NSW
15,000 Litres T3300 QLD, NSW, SA
15,000 Litres TXD3300 VIC
30,000 Litres T6500 All States
          *no rain checks, only whilst stock lasts

Tanks on Special
The above tanks are on special. The TXD5000 is also on special but not part of the “Buy a tank – Receive a cool Esky” promotion, i.e. if you buy by this tank model you are not eligible to receive an Esky.